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Important information please read carefully.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception

Please note: this service is only available to females and should not be ordered by men or women on behalf of others. Orders received by male users will be rejected and a refund will be issued.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) is a form of contraception which is taken after unprotected sexual intercourse (USI) to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Unprotected intercourse may occur when

  • if you had sex without protection
  • if your or your partner’s condom tore, slipped, came off or if you forgot to use one
  • if you did not take your contraceptive pill as recommended.


The sooner it is taken after USI, the more effective it is at reducing pregnancies. For this reason, we do not recommend obtaining EHC via postal services like this, as it can cause delays in you taking it and thereby reducing its effectiveness. You can use this service to order 1-2 doses to keep as standby treatment if required.

There are 2 emergency contraceptive pills we offer via this platform:

  1. Levonorgestrel 5mg (Also known as levonelle) – 3 day pill
  2. Ulipristal 30mg (Also known as ellaOne) – 5 day pill


Both pills are highly effective at preventing pregnancies if taken within the appropriate timeframes. Levonorgestrel can be taken anywhere between 0-72 hours (upto 3 days) after unprotected sexual intercourse whilst Ulipristal can be taken anywhere between 0-120 hours (upto 5 days) after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Research has found Ulipristal to be slightly more effective at preventing pregnancies than Levonorgestrel. Studies have also found Levonorgestrel to be less effective in overweight women with a BMI (Body Mass Index Calculator) of 30 or more. If you are overweight, you should take Ulipristal instead.

EHC does not prevent sexually transmitted infections and is not suitable as a form of long term contraception. The most effective form of EHC is a copper intrauterine device, which can be inserted up to 5 days after USI and left in to provide continuous contraceptive cover. Please speak to your GP or visit your local sexual health clinic if this is the option you prefer.

If you are on regular oral contraception and have forgotten to take your pill please discuss this with a pharmacist using the live chat facility. You may not need EHC.

If you do require EHC, you should continue taking your regular contraception however will need to use condoms until your next period. Taking EHC can lower the effectiveness of your regular contraception.

Levonorgestrel comes as a generic equivalent which is cheaper and just as effective as the branded counterpart Levonelle.

Before ordering, you will be prompted to fill out a safety questionnaire. We also advise to read the patient information leaflet (links to this can be found at the bottom of the product information).