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Magicool Plus Itchy Skin (150ml)


Magicool Plus Itchy Skin (150ml)


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Magicool Plus Itchy Skin provides steroid-free, instant relief from irritating itchy skin, typically caused by summer allergens and dermatitis, so you can enjoy your time in the sun in comfort.


Magicool Plus Itchy Skin is a revolutionary spray that delivers instant relief from itching and prevents further discomfort. Using a ground-breaking formula that's free from steroids and anti-histamines, Magicool Plus Itchy Skin is non-invasive and kind to your skin.


So how does it work?:

  • Cooling - cleverly designed to self-chill, the spray supresses histamine response
  • Mechanical - Kinectic micro-pluses stop itching similar to TENS
  • Chemical - sensitively adjusted pH level to relieve itching
  • Hydrotherapy - the water-based spray hydrates the lesion cells deep in to the skin
  • Cleansing of lesions - the spray removes debris and dead skin tissue from lesions.

Effortlessly easy to apply, with Magicool you can enjoy your time in the sun in pain-free bliss