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Healthaid Folic Acid 400ug (x90 Tablets)


Healthaid Folic Acid 400ug (x90 Tablets)


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HealthAid Folic Acid 400ug is part of the vitamin B complex, which is responsible for a variety of biochemical reactions. B vitamins play an important role, individually and together, in the metabolic utilisation of food fats, carbohydrates and proteins. B vitamins are also vital to the health of the nervous system, hair, skin, eyes and nails. Folic Acid is essential for everyone for maintaining healthy blood cell formation and heart function, as well as playing a vital part in the transmission of genetic information (DNA) used in the creation of new cells.


The UK Government s Chief Medical Officer advises that all women should take a 400u.g. Folic Acid supplement from the start of trying to conceive through to the twelfth week of pregnancy in order to prevent birth defects such as Spina Bifida. 

Health Aid

Each HealthAid Folic Acid 400ug tablet contains (average):

Folic Acid 400ug

Free from: Sugar, Salt, Artificial Colouring, Flavouring, Preservatives