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Centrum Advanced 50+ (60 Tablets)


Centrum Advanced 50+ (60 Tablets)


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Centrum Advance 50 is formulated with a blend of multivitamins and minerals that support daily vitality, immunity, eye health, and bone health for adults 50 years and over.


Supports daily health

  • Vitality
  • Immunity
  • Eye health
  • Bone health


Daily essential vitamins

Centrum Advance contains 25 key nutrients that give you a wide range of valuable health benefits.

  • Vitamin B for releasing energy stored in food for extra vitality
  • Vitamin C that contains antioxidising properties that support a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin A for eye health
  • Calcium, Vitamins D & K for maintaining strong and healthy bones


Take one tablet with a glass of water.


Do not exceed the daily allowance and keep away from children.


Centrum Advance 50 Formulation:

Each Tablet Contains: Quantity (% EU Recommended Daily Allowance)

Vitamin A(RE)-800g(100%), Lutein-1000g, Vitamin E-18mg(150%), Vitamin C-120mg(150%), Vitamin K-30g(40%), Vitamin B1 Thiamin-1.65mg(150%), Vitamin B2 -2.1mg(150%), Vitamin B6 -2.1mg(150%), Vitamin B12 -3g(120%), Vitamin D -5g(100%), Biotin-75g(150%), Folic Acid-300g(150%), Niacin(NE)-24mg(150%), Pantothenic Acid-9mg(150%), Calcium-162mg(20%), Phosphorus-125mg(18%), Magnesium-100mg(27%), Iron-2.1mg(15%), Iodine-100g(67%), Copper-500g(50%), Manganese-2mg(100%), Chromium-40g(100%), Molybdenum-50g(100%), Selenium-30g(55%), Zinc-5mg(50%)

Centrum Advance 50 also contains: Energy, protein, carbohydrate, sugar and fat content negligible.

Centrum Advance 50 is free from: Gluten, Yeast, Azo-dyes & Wheat.