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Balance Activ Vaginal Gel (x7 Single Use Tubes)


Balance Activ Vaginal Gel (x7 Single Use Tubes)


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Balance Activ Vaginal Gel has a formula that restores and preserves the natural pH balance in your vagina which will help to moderate any unpleasant odours you may be experiencing and also relieves abnormal discharge and discomfort.

This gel contains lactic acid which preserves the natural pH balance of the vagina to prevent embarrassing conditions such as BV.

Balance Activ

Balance Activ Vaginal Gel:

  • Balance Activ Vaginal Gel comes in hygienic single use tubes.
  • To use the product, simply twist off the cap of the tube.
  • Insert the whole of the neck of the tube into the vagina, and squeeze out the contents. The tube can then be removed and disposed of.


Symptom relief

For the rapid, effective relief of embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge and discomfort use 1 tube daily for 7 days.



Many women experience recurrent symptoms, for example around the time of their period, or as a result of antibiotic treatment. Balance Activ Vaginal Gel can also be used to maintain the natural acidity of the vagina and prevent recurrence.

  • To maintain the natural pH balance and prevent recurrence of symptoms: Use 1-2 tubes a week
  • To help maintain the pH level during a course of antibiotics Use 1 tube daily at the end of the course for 4-5 days
  • If you notice a recurrence of symptoms around the time of your period Use 1 tube at the end of your period for 1-2 days