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Buy Malaria Tablets

Malaria is a common disease caused by mosquitoes and chances are high that you may fall prey to it if you are travelling to a malaria prone area and do not take the necessary precautions. Do not panic however, as taking the necessary preventative measures such as malaria tablets can help greatly reduce your chances of catching this potentially deadly disease. It is important to start taking the correct malaria tablets for your region prior to travel along with other preventative steps discussed below. Before you buy malaria tablets, you should read the rest of this article carefully.

A Summary of Malaria

Malaria is a deadly disease accompanied by high fever. The major symptoms are chills, flu-like illness, high body temperature, and restlessness. If not treated properly on time, it may be life-threatening. You can buy malaria tablets online easily via Ask A Pharmacist, and its important you begin these prior to travelling, some as early as 2 weeks.

The best protection from malaria in addition to malaria tablets is to keep mosquitoes at bay and prevent yourself getting bitten! Tropical countries provide ideal breeding grounds to mosquitos, increasing their number and leading to greater chances of contracting this disease. Malaria tablets can help prevent this to a great extent but is not 100% effective in providing resistance especially if bite prevention is not also thought about. Using proper bite preventive measures such as wearing full sleeve clothing, using mosquito repellents, sleeping nets and staying indoors whilst mosquitos are most active will all help further lower the risk in addition to malaria tablets.

There are several different types of malaria tablets and the one you take will depend on the region you are travelling to (due to resistance) as well as the age of the patient, past allergies, the physical condition of the patient and more. All antimalarial tablets need to be taken before travelling, which allows the user to see how they tolerate the medication prior to travel so it can be changed if necessary.It also helps build up a constant level of the drug in the body prior to travel, building up the bodies resistance. It I also important to note that all malaria tablets must also be taken for a period of time on returning, and this duration is also affected by the type of malaria tablet you buy.

Can You Get These Over The Counter?

Malaria tablets are prescription medication and therefore cannot routinely be bought over the counter. Ask a Pharmacist is an online pharmacy that works with prescribers in the UK to provide prescription treatments online, at some of the lowest prices around. All medications are UK licensed, and delivered discreetly and securely via Royal Mail. Your safety is our priority, so unlike many other providers, we off a FREE live chat facility on both our website and app, that allows you to connect to a pharmacist instantly, to answer and concerns or queries prior to treatment.

Anti-Malarial Tablets

Some common malaria tablets that you can buy from Ask a Pharmacist are:

  • Doxycycline Capsules 100mg
  • Lariam 250mg
  • Malarone Generic 250mg/100mg
  • Malarone Tablets

It is important you purchase the correct quantity for your duration of travel, and to make this easier, we sell malaria tablets in packs according to the amount of weeks in malaria prone regions. This means you only need to purchase the correct amount needed, and saves you from buying full packs and potentially wasting money on doses not required.

(Note: The above-mentioned pills and malaria tablets are a prescription item and require a free consultation online in the form of a questionnaire. Your answers are reviewed and then your medication is then dispatched.)