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Which malaria tablets do i need to take

Which malaria tablets do i need to take

Date : Sun, 03 Nov 2019


When it comes to malaria tablets for malaria prophylaxis or prevention, with the many different options available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. The safest option would be to speak to one of our pharmacists free via our mobile app if you are unsure. But if you`re looking to buy malaria tablets online safely from Ask A Pharmacist, we`ve put together a guide to help you decide which malaria tablets are right for you.


What malaria tablets are available?

The main options for malaria tablets in the UK are: 

·        Atovaquone / Proguanil (Malarone brand name) 

·        Doxycycline 

·        Mefloquine (Lariam brand name) 

·        Chloroquine (Avloclor brand name) 

All of these options are available at Ask A Pharmacist, however choosing the correct malaria tablet depends on a few factors. 


Choosing the correct malaria tablets for your travel destination

Many antimalarials may not be appropriate, depending on the country you are travelling to, as the malaria parasite has become immune to the drug. Making sure you choose one that will work most effectively for where you`re going is crucial. Chloroquine (Avloclor) is active only in a limited number of countries, and this malaria tablet is typically no longer recommended or supplied. Below are some links to websites where you can check up to date recommendations as to the most appropriate malaria tablet(s) to take for prevention when travelling to your desired destination.

Fit For Travel website

Travel Pro website

Alternatively, you can speak to one our pharmacists free on our mobile app who will be happy to further advise you.

If you have preexisting medical conditions, certain malaria tablets may not be appropriate for you. You can talk with one of our pharmacists live on our mobile app for free to find out if you can take malaria tablets with your medical conditions and which ones are recommended.


How are malaria tablets taken?

Atovaquone / Proguanil, Malarone and Doxycycline must all be taken daily at approximately the same time every day. If you are already taking daily medications or supplements, it makes it easier for you to just add in the extra malaria tablet to your daily routine.

If you`re not great at remembering to take medication on a daily basis, you may prefer a weekly dose malaria tablet. Lariam is one such option that only needs be taken once a week, so makes it easier to take take.

You must start taking malaria tablets before you arrive in the area of malaria. Which one you choose will depend on how long before you must start taking. If you`re taking a last-minute trip to a malaria zone, it`s worth keeping in mind that you might need to take a specific medication to provide you with adequate protection. For example, if travelling in 3-5 days Lariam would not be a good option as it needs to be started 2-3 weeks prior to travel. In such a situation, doxycycline or atovaquone/proguanil (malarone) may be better options.

Malarone, Atovaquone / Proguanil and Malarone Paediatric malaria tablets need starting two to three days before you arrive in the malaria zone, every day in the affected area, and 7 days after you leave. Some prefer this shorter schedule for malaria prevention, especially for short or last minute trips.

Doxycycline needs to be started only 1-2 days before reaching a malaria environment, taken daily in the risk area, and then continued for 28 days after departure. It`s often easy to be aware of the need to take malaria tablets while you`re away and surrounded by mosquitoes, but it`s harder to remember taking for a whole month when you`re home. It is also important to note, that the manufacturer of the malaria tablet doxycycline, advises adequate UV protection of the skin (sun screen), as doxycycline can make the skin more sensitive to sun rays.

If it`s your first time, you need to take Lariam for weeks before travel to make sure you don`t experience any side effects. If you have had Lariam malaria tablets before and did not experience any troublesome side effects, you can start 1.5 weeks before you travel, during your trip and for weeks after. The weekly dosing of this malaria tablets makes it a popular choice amongst travellers.


Buy malaria tablets safely and securely via our website or mobile app

Once you have decided which malaria tablet is most suitable for you, you can purchase easily via our website or mobile app at some of the lowest prices around. As mentioned above, if you need more help, you can live chat with one of our pharmacists on our app. REMEMBER taking malaria tablets for prevention is just part of the picture. Its important to use repellents and nets along with long sleeve clothing to prevent getting bitten in the first place.