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Facial hair growth is a common issue faced by women. Get the best unwanted facial hair treatment from Ask A Pharmacist to slow down the growth of facial hair.

How Unwanted Facial Hair Treatment will Gain Back Your Lost Confidence

Date : Mon, 24 Feb 2020

If you’re a female facing the problem of unwanted facial hair, we understand it can be quite stressful maintaining yourself and really knock your confidence. Thankfully however, there is a licensed treatment in the UK called Vaniqa which has been proven to help reduce the growth of facial hair in women. This means less time removing or managing your facial hair.

Facial hair growth is a common issue faced by women. However, if your hair growth is rapid or excessive it can be due to other causes and should be discussed with your family doctor. For the treatment of unwanted facial hair, Ask A Pharmacist offers the only non-hormonal licensed medication in the UK - Vaniqa. The active ingredients contained in Vaniqa, eflornithine inhibits enzymes involved in hair growth found in hair follicles. This Unwanted Facial Hair Treatment therefore slows downs the growth of facial hair.

Result In a Short Span

Vaniqa is the most competent facial hair removal cream that is sold by Ask A Pharmacist. The cream is scientifically researched and has provided good result on applying in the skin pores. Further, this medication needs to be applied twice a day regularly for four to eight weeks. You can also extend the cream for upto four months. Meanwhile, you can use the cream with other subsidiary hair removing products.

As this is a prescription medication, there are a few things that you need to answer before you order the medication. We also offer a FREE live chat facility with a pharmacist if you have any further questions regarding Vaniqa facial hair treatment.

It is important to test Vaniqa treatment on a small area of unwanted facial hair first to ensure there is no side effects such as:

·         Burning

·         Itching

·         Redness

·         Soreness

All the products on offer at Ask A Pharmacist are dispatched from our UK online pharmacy. We are licensed and regulated by The General Pharmaceutical Council and the MHRA. Items are dispatched discreetly and securely via Royal Mail, with no indication of what is contained within your package.

Points to Remember

·         Treatment can take a few weeks to work. If you have not experienced any benefit from treatment after 6 months you should stop using the product as it is unlikely to work for you.

·         You should test Vaniqa on a small area first to check for any skin reactions.

·         Vaniqa is not a permanent solution but may greatly reduce hair growth saving you time in managing unwanted facial hair growth.

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