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No Prescription Fees, No Consultation Fees

Date : Tue, 14 Jan 2020

Unlike many other online treatment providers, Ask A Pharmacist only charges you for the cost of your treatment and postage. No hidden charges or fees.


3 Steps for Treatment


Ask a pharmacist offers a wide range of prescription treatments for common ailments, saving you a trip to the doctors. Simple choose your treatments > answer a safety questionnaire > pay for your items. Your order is forwarded to one of our prescribers who after reviewing your questionnaire issuing a free prescription to our dispensing team, who dispatch your medication securely and discreetly via Royal Mail. We are UK licensed and regulated, so you can access our services with full confidence and peace of mind.


Chat and Treat


Unlike many online healthcare service providers, we have clinical pharmacists live and ready to answer any of your queries or concerns regarding our treatments for FREE.


Acne Treatment


Being one of the most common skin conditions faced by most youth and adults, we provide easy access to some of the most effective and proven prescription strength treatments. Treating your acne has never been easier. Find out more now


Weight Loss


Double your weight loss with our weight loss treatment. Proven and effective when used in combination with a diet and exercise program. Find out more on our website or app or speak to a pharmacist for FREE now.


Prescription Weight Loss Treatment


Our treatments for weight loss prevent absorption of fat from your diet, thereby reducing the amount deposited around your body. Taken alongside a low fat diet, it can really help reduce your fat intake significantly.


Quit Smoking with Prescription The Only Tablets Licensed For Stopping Smoking


We offer the only UK licensed medication to help more than double your chances of quitting. The time to stop is now!




Allergy occurs when the body overreacts to an allergen (dust, pollen etc), leading to histamine (a chemical in the body) being released and causing a lot of the symptom`s allergy suffers experience. Whilst many anti-allergy tablets and sprays are available over the counter, they are not effective in all people. We therefore provide prescription only allergy medication delivered direct to your door (note: subject to suitability questionnaire).


Facial Hair Removal


We provide the UKs only licensed non hormonal facial cream for excess hair. Find out more on our website now.


Emergency Contraception


Our emergency contraceptive service is used by many women, who prefer more privacy than visiting a pharmacy. Through our live chat feature, women can  anonymously ask any questions prior to purchase.