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Hair Loss Treatment in London

Know About the Best Hair Loss Treatment in London within Budget

Date : Tue, 19 Nov 2019

Who does not love their hair? Hair adds to our beauty, makes us look younger and also increases our confidence. Both men and women love to take care of their hair and do miss any chance to look good by styling it. But the problem of hair loss is very common amongst both groups and particularly men. The typical male pattern baldness can begin as early as the late teens to early 20’s. The typical receding hairline makes one look as though they have added a few years and  can really affect some people’s self-confidence. Sometimes it is an inevitable fate due to heredity reasons, however because of the progress of medicinal science, it is not impossible to gain or maintain your hair. Many services offer hair loss treatments in London however it is important to note that they all contain the same active ingredients. There are 2 main ingredients licensed for hair loss, Minoxidil and Finasteride and It is important not be ripped off when searching for your hair loss cure.


Causes of Hair Loss in Men and The Best Hair Loss Treatment in London:

The patterned hair loss and receding hairline in men is called and rogenetic alopecia. It is known to be a genetic condition. Research has shown that this pattern of hair loss is caused due hormones named androgens, and more specifically dihydrotestosterone. Androgens are responsible for sexual development in men. But they play a role in hair growth too. Increased activity of androgens in the hair follicles causes hair loss and also delays hair growth. Understanding the role of androgens on hair loss has allowed for more effective products to be developed in the search for the perfect Hair loss cure.

Some Regular Practices to Avoid Hair Loss:

1.      You should avoid rubbing your hair or combing it harshly.

2.      Dryers, curlers should be avoided.

3.      Quit cigarettes.

Treatments for Hair Loss Cure:

1.      Finasteride is a recommended hair loss tablet that reduces the effects of dihydrotestosteroneor DHT on hair follicles. This medicine should be consumed for a minimum of 6-12 months daily to see its noticeable effects. The hair cycle is a slow process and therefore requires persistence and patience to see results. Don’t be fooled by companies promising unrealistic results in a short space of time. It is also important to note, that whilst some people may experience regrowth of hair, treatment cannot restore all the hairs completely and the effects can be reversed if it is stopped.

2.     Regaine Foam is hair loss foam that contains minoxidil as the active ingredient. It works as a vasodilator (dilating blood vessels) increasing blood flow and nutrients to the hair.

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