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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in London

Know about Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in London

Date : Fri, 15 Nov 2019

Healthy sex life is the key to a happy life. But sometimes this happiness can be hampered easily only because of disturbed sexual health. Hectic professional life and associated anxiety, stress, high workload, and tension have become the main issues that cause problems in sexual health. More stress leads to more consumption of alcohol and cigarettes which in turn affects health. Erectile dysfunction has become a common sexual problem in men which not only affects personal life but also destroys self-confidence. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you are certainly not alone, read on for good erectile dysfunction treatments in London and adopt one to lead a happy and healthy life ahead.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Facts Associated with It

1.   Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disability which leads to the difficulty in developing or maintaining an erection.

2.   This condition is curable, and according to the reports in 95% of the cases, erectile dysfunction is completely cured.

3.   Erectile dysfunction is related to psychological stress, alcohol consumption, irregular lifestyle, etc.

4.     If someone is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it can lead to low mood and decreased self-confidence. 

5.     When blood vessels leading to the penis are blocked, it leads to erectile dysfunction.

General Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive use of tobacco for a long time can be one of the reasons of erectile dysfunction.

Long-term alcohol and drug abuse can also be one of the primary reasons for erectile dysfunction.

·    High blood pressure, high blood sugar levels are the primary reasons for getting erectile dysfunction.

·     Obesity also plays a major role in erectile dysfunction which needs to be treated as soon as spotted.

·     Heart diseases can cause irregular blood flow which in turn causes erectile dysfunction.

·     Relationship issues can also give rise to erectile dysfunction. 

What Should You Do to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

Ø  Should avoid junk foods.

Ø  Exercise daily and if you are overweight try to reduce the weight.

Ø  Alcohol consumption and smoking are major reasons for getting affected by erectile dysfunction.

Ø  Reduce anxiety and stress.

Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatment in London

Erectile dysfunction tablets available on the market mainly improve blood circulation to the penis. Though most of these tablets may have some side effects, they are mostly well tolerated and used by millions all over the world. In the case of erectile dysfunction treatments in London, first the underlying physiological and psychological causes should be diagnosed. The treatment generally starts with 25mg of sildenafil or Viagra. The effect starts in 30-60 minutes and can last for at least 4 hours. Many similar products are also available such as Tadalafil and Avanafil that work in the same way and are also used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is important to note, that whilst there are different erectile dysfunction tablets, they all work in the same way, with some getting to work quicker and others lasting for longer. To know more about the differences between erectile dysfunction treatments, read our other blog here.

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