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 Acne Prescription Treatments in London

Acne Prescription Treatments in London for Clear Skin

Date : Mon, 25 Nov 2019

No one likes to see acne or acne scars on their face while looking in a mirror. Having clear and healthy skin not only improves your self confidence but also helps improve your mood. Acne, particularly in younger individuals can lead to low mood and even depression. For this reason, it should not be taken lightly and should be treated as soon as it starts to become a problem, especially to prevent acne scarring which can be permanent. Most acne treatments require a prescription from an appropriate practitioner, which in the past required multiple trips to the doctor. With the emergence of online healthcare services, this has now become a lot easier, and Ask A Pharmacist is one such service, hoping to improve access to effective prescription acne treatments. Getting rid of acne is not a tough task but requires patience and perseverance with treatment for at least 6-8 weeks before deciding if effective.  To know more about the best acne prescription treatment in London and free your skin from this age-old problem why not speak to one of our pharmacists live via our website or mobile app..

Why Does Acne Occur?

1.       If the oil glands present beneath our skin become blocked, then it cannot carry the dead cells and impurities to the surface of the skin. So, these get clogged under the skin and form acne.

2.       Genetic history can affect the occurrence of acne.

3.       Hormonal changes during puberty cause acne among teenagers.

4.       Getting excessive acne can be a symptom of PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome.


Things That Should Be Avoided to prevent Acne:

  1. Avoid junk foods, oily food which can worsen the acne.
  2. Do not apply any kind of greasy lotions or creams. 
  3. Never sleep with any kind of makeup on the skin.
  4. Do not over wash the skin
  5. Do not touch or pick areas of acne


Acne Treatment Products That Are Proven to Be Effective:

There are many proven acne treatment products available which include:

Acnecide gel - The main compound of this acne treatment product is benzoyl peroxide. Research has proved that benzoyl peroxide is very much effective in killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria which causes acne.

Zineryt Lotion – contains the active incredient Erythromycin, which is an antbiotic that helps eliminate acne causing bacteria on the skin. It comes as a roll on, and is therefore particularly useful for those suffering from acne on large areas, such as the chest or back.

Differin cream and gel – contains the active ingredient adapalene which is classified as a retinoid. Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A,  and help prevent clogging and build up of dead skin in the pores of the skin, both of which can lead to acne.

Duac cream - contains two ingredients, an antibiotic and benzyl peroxide, providing a dual action to help treat acne.

Epiduo - contains a retinoid and benzyl peroxide, also providing a dual action against acne.

Lymecycline (Tetralysal) – oral antibiotic, commonly used specifically to treat acne.


Most of the acne treatments above are not available over the counter, however with Ask A Pharmacist, you can purchase prescription acne treatments online and have them delivered direct to your doorstep. Simply choose your product, answer a safety and suitability questionnaire and make payment. One of our prescribers will issue a prescription and pass on to our pharmacy team who will package and dispatch your medicine to you.

If you would like more information about how to treat your acne and where to start, then we recommend reading our other blog here, which provides a stepwise approach to treating your acne.

You can also chat live to one our pharmacists completely free on Our Website or mobile app.